Stealth Wiegand Data Interpreter


Elevate access control with the PPE Stealth Data Interpreter, a top-tier card skimmer for seamless corporate entry, redefining physical security limits.

Style: Fully Assembled Unit

Fully Assembled Unit
Bring Your Own Reader (BYOR) - Reader Not Included

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Introducing the PPE Stealth Wiegand Data Interpreter – Your Covert Ally in Corporate Access

Unlock the next level of access control with the PPE Stealth Data Interpreter, the ultimate card skimmer designed for seamless corporate access. Crafted with precision and innovation, this multiClass SE reader redefines the boundaries of what's possible in the world of physical security testing. 

Key Features:

1) Versatile Compatibility: The PPE Stealth Wiegand Data Interpreter is a true powerhouse, supporting a wide range of credentials, including iCLASS SE, SEOS, iCLASS SR, Standard iCLASS, SE for MIFARE Classic, SE for MIFARE DESFire EV1, HID, AWID, EM4102, and Prox Credentials. Its multiClass capabilities ensure that no corporate access system remains beyond your reach.

2) Extended Battery Life: Powered by a robust battery, the PPE Stealth Wiegand Data Interpreter boasts an impressive 6.5 hours of runtime on a lithium 9V battery. This ensures that you have ample time to conduct thorough physical security assessments without the hassle of frequent recharging.

3) Stealth Mode for Wireless Evasion: Enable or disable WiFi at your convenience, effectively avoiding detection by wireless detective controls. This enhances your covert operations and extends the lifespan of the device, ensuring you stay one step ahead.

4) Convenient Wall Mounting: The PPE Stealth Wiegand Data Interpreter is designed for convenience and flexibility. With its wall-mountable feature, you can strategically place it next to any door, whether it already has a reader or not. Say goodbye to the need for long-range reading operations – simply position it discreetly, even on bathroom walls or closets, for unparalleled access control testing.

Experience the PPE Doppelganger StealthWiegand Data Interpreter and revolutionize your approach to corporate access testing. Unleash its versatile capabilities, extended battery life, stealthy wireless evasion, and hassle-free wall mounting. Elevate your security assessments to new heights with a device that combines innovation with covert efficiency. The PPE StealthWiegand Data Interpreter – where access meets ingenuity.


Fully Assembled Unit:

The fully assembled unit is ready to use and includes the following items:

1) HID multiCLASS SE reader

2) Stealth Wiegand Data Interpreter w/backplate

3) Lithium 9V batteries x 2

4) Stealth card, iCLASS 2k card, and a T5577 card

5) Hook & Pile Mounting Strips

6) Security screw tool & Allen Wrench

Bring Your Own Reader (BYOR):

The BYOR Stealth Wiegand Data Interpreter is intended for those who already have a HID multiCLASS SE or HID iCLASS SE reader. 


The only officially supported form factor for the Stealth backplate is the HID RP40 SE without add-on modules (e.g., Indala, etc.), and with pigtail cable. Readers that use terminal block connector will not fit. Older (legacy) non-SE variants may or may not fit. 

What's included:

1) Stealth Weigand Data Interpreter w/backplate

2) Lithium 9V batteries x 2

3) Stealth card, iCLASS 2k card, and a T5577 card

4) Hook & Pile Mounting Strips

5) Allen Wrench and Phillips screw

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Legal Disclaimer

This device is intended for professional physical security practitioners to evaluate access control systems during authorized engagements. Any unlawful use of the Stealth Wiegand Data Interpreter is strictly prohibited. Practical Physical Exploitation (PPE) and Mayweather Group LLC assume no liability for unauthorized usage.